African fabric on top….

During the past summer, I had the opportunity to meet wonderful african women while attending the Afros Addicts event in Senegal at Dakar. I meet the owner and designer of Kemetik, my dear Obone.


This brand marries fabrics coming from  various cultures in Africa to design inescapable accessories. You will be dazzled by her bags, shoes for men and women, and jewels.

10411424_519782004817066_6154428039536059264_ncopyright: Kemetik

10801897_612205965574669_732962584930728209_nThe men by Kemetik. copyright: Kemetik

1484598_612205925574673_999685737980000992_nThe men by Kemetik. copyright: Kemetik

1978781_612205878908011_851092994701955934_nThe men by Kemetik. copyright: Kemetik

10438644_612205838908015_4330705030335961797_nThe men by Kemetik. copyright: Kemetik

10371460_519970024798264_7115246653171167867_ncopyright: Kemetik

Just beautiful isn’t it ? I had the chance, thanks to the generosity of the owner, to have a magnificent bag decorated with lattice-work leather, a pair of earrings and a bracelet matched with leather details. They are accessories which I just adore  and I am planning to get more of these soon.



For more information about this brand click here.

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