Loose Button : Fall 2014 Luxe Box


Today, I am going to talk about a famous Canadian compagny named Loose Button.

They discribre their goal as:

“Our mission is to help consumers better discover, try and purchase quality beauty and lifestyle products through a unique experience.”



They offer to sen to you one Box per season, that mean that you will receive 4 Box per year. In order to match perfectly your taste, skin type and hair needs, you will have to take a  little test online.

You have the choice between 3 memberships program :

  • Semi- annual plan
    • 50$ every 6 month, so 100$ a year
  • Annual plan
    • 24$ per season, so 96$ a year
  • Monthly plan
    • 12$ per month, so 144$ per year

The packaging is very simple, classy, really how I like things. You can see the logo on top of it, in a beautiful gold color.

20140919_124104 20140919_124215


In every Box, you will receive a beautiful card with a nice little message which  even more tempts you to discover all these products.


This is what I receive for the 2014 Fall edition:


So there is:

20140919_124323The Balm Cosmetics

20140919_124307Sweet Leaf Bath 

20140919_124403LVX nail Lacquer 



20140919_124416Vasanti Cosmetics 

20140919_124436Loose Button 

20140919_124525So Susan Cosmetics

20140919_124649Jelly Pong Pong

As you can see, the value of those products exceeds widely the price to which that Box is offered and I find that great!

I am delighted! I will give  reviews of  somme of the  products with pleasure!

In the meantime, you will find me on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter!

See you  soon




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